Art at the Moraine

Jessie Kleemann, Arkhticós Doloros at the Greenland Ice Sheet

The workshop group travelled to the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet, to an area near one of the many blue lakes that appear in the ablation zone. There, Jessie Kleemann performed a work entitled Arkhticós Doloros, a title drawn from Barry Lopez’s book Arctic Dreams.

Mel Chin, The Arctic Is… at the Dead Glacier

The workshop traveled to the edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet, to an ice wall known as the Dead Glacier. Mel Chin continued his ongoing conceptual artwork The Arctic Is…, begun at the 2015 Climate Change Summit. The Arctic Is… makes connections between the conditions of glacier melt in the Arctic and a global and planetary awareness of climate change.

Jessie Kleemann at The Ilulissat Kunstmuseum

The workshop was hosted by curator Ole Gamst-Pedersen at the Ilulissat Kunstmuseum where Jessie Kleemann undertook another performance amid the collection of early 20th-century paintings by Danish painter Emmanuel A Petersen.

Shezad Dawood, The Leviathan Cycle, Film Screening,

Shezad Dawood screened Episode 1 of The Leviathan Cycle, a complex multi-episode film project in which the characters, survivors of an unnamed cataclysmic event, navigate unstable planetary topographies.