Arkhticós Doloros, Jessie Kleemann

Jessie Kleemann is an internationally renowned Greenlandic performance artist and poet. Her performances give a visceral sense of Arctic landscapes as they are embodied through myth, voice, sound and movement. In her performance Sassuma Arnaaat at the 2012 Liverpool Biennale, Kleemann animated a version of the myth of Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea. Her performances can be read for their capacity to articulate a planetary sensibility that encompasses at once a colonial history, decolonial resistance and a mythic expression of the element of ice. For At the Moraine, Kleemann will undertake a performance at the Greenland Ice Sheet entitled Arkhticós Doloros, a title that references Barry Lopez’s book Arctic Dreams.

Jessie Kleemann, Arkhticós Doloros

Interview with Jessie Kleemann